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The Pursuit of Dental Excellence

Dr. Gene Gowdey’s professional slogan is, ‘Mastering the Art.’ We believe ‘Mastering the Art’ is an ongoing pursuit of excellence, a journey, not a destination. This requires inspiration, dedication, persistence, and determination. We strive to ‘be our best’ by utilizing up-to-date science and the latest technologies available to the dental profession. Our ‘secret ingredient’ is decades of clinical experience. Dr. Gowdey has 32 years experience in dentistry.

Our intention is to provide over-the-top customer service, along with honesty and integrity, in an effort to provide an exceptional place for people to receive dental services.

We are committed to the highest ethical standards. That means you will receive a conservative treatment plan that consists of dental work that we feel is medically necessary or services that you elect to have on an optional basis. We will customize our recommendations to suit every patient’s special needs and desires. You will get no more than what you need and no less than what you want. We operate under the assumption of minimal intervention which is necessary to preserve and maintain health. At all times, we try to conserve the natural teeth and only recommend treatment that we feel is absolutely necessary. However, sometimes in the interest improving the smile and your appearance, we can recommend optional cosmetic dentistry services.

Dr. Gene Gowdey offers general dentistry services, including cosmetic and esthetic dentistry, for children and adults. He practices in Granite Bay, CA. We are ‘In-network’ with many dental insurance plans. That means we are a PPO (Preferred Provider Office) and accept most insurance plans.